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The Innocent Pet

The Innocent Pet

The finest for your innocent pets

Based in Yorkshire, we specialise in producing the finest air-dried food and treats for dogs and cats. We use quality British ingredients, sustainable farming and carefully sourced produce from our approved suppliers to provide healthy, nutritious and delicious offerings for your pets.
The Innocent Pet was inspired by our family lurcher, Bongo, back in 2013. Family is our core value; just as we do for our children, we want to show love for our pets. We wanted to offer the finest treats in a way that is responsible, healthy and delicious.
Our food
Our award-winning air-dried complete food has been developed with leading nutritionists to create a unique, complete meal for dogs and cats. 
Our air-dried raw food is handmade in small batches, using ethically sourced, British ingredients and our very own gently drying expertise. Our handmade production method means with minimum processing and no high temperatures, the nutrients and flavours of the ingredients are maintained, offering a great-tasting, semi-moist nutritious feast.
Our food is suitable for everyday feeding and can be stored at room temperature, offering total convenience for owners without the need to freeze or defrost food. We also offer sample packs for your pets to trial first, which are available on our website.
Our treats
We’re delighted to offer a range of air-dried treats for dogs and cats. All our products are grain free and hypoallergenic, with many treats offering single protein recipes, making them suitable for pets with allergies. We offer a range of sausages, sliced treats and even a health range for dogs to target and support different health areas, such as dental, joints, and skin & coat support.
We are proud to have created our Birthday Cake Mix, which is the UK’s first meaty cake mix for dogs! This is a DIY mix including air-dried British duck and grain free flour. This award-winning recipe is easy to make, quick to bake, and perfect for a paw-ty! 
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If you would like to get in touch:
Phone: +44 (0) 1937 841175

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