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Stover School

Stover School

Delivering a cutting edge education...

Stover School delivers education which nurtures, celebrates, challenges and inspires our pupils. Our holistic approach combines a progressive research based curriculum with a resilient moral code based on sound family and Christian principles. We prepare confident and independent young people who are able to adapt and succeed in an ever changing world.

Stover School is a unique and very special place; a school which delivers cutting edge education while retaining a healthy focus on traditional Christian morals, values and manners. Happy children are at the very centre of our ethos, reflecting our robust system of pastoral care. Children who feel safe, valued, respected and who trust those around them are free to focus on learning to their maximum potential. Our stunning rural setting allows children to enjoy being children and is integral to enhancing this ethos.

The co-educational, non-selective environment we provide, best models “real life”, allowing the pupils to build the interpersonal skills, empathy, independence and fortitude required to be successful in the wider world.

In this school, the family atmosphere ensures that every child is known and understood by the staff and their fellow pupils, as an individual who has something to offer the school community and world at large. This individual approach is reflected in our absolute focus on adding value to the academic potential of each student in an effort to maximise their individual educational and examination outputs, regardless of their ability. 

We firmly believe that success breeds success and our extensive additional curriculum and activities programme provides opportunities for all of our children to explore a range of interests and enjoy positive outcomes, leading to a burgeoning self-confidence that then reaps rewards and enhances progress in all areas of the academic and additional curriculum.

At Stover School we take full advantage of our single campus for pupils from 3 to 18 years of age. The Prep and Senior stages are fully integrated, with a number of staff working across both phases. We also provide a number of structured roles and responsibilities which allow the older pupils to work with the younger ages. This enhances the Stover family, gives the older pupils the responsibility they need to grow and enables the younger pupils to aspire to these role models.

Research Based Learning is a pedagogy that transcends the whole curriculum at Stover School, being employed from the Nursery to the Sixth Form. It defines an approach in which teachers encourage pupils to be researchers, discoverers and creators of their own and others learning, within a lesson or series of lessons which encapsulate a learning aim or objective.

By its nature this philosophy has at its heart, a hands on approach. The focus is therefore, more practical, involving problem solving, discovering, experimentation and research, with pupils being given more responsibility for leading their own learning. 

“Learning by experience and observation are key elements of the approach.” Mr Richard Notman

Pupils take ownership for their learning and derive more satisfaction, engagement and enjoyment from the outcomes achieved. This approach facilitates pupils in developing essential cognitive skills that will see them succeed in both higher educational environments and the wider world: creativity, critical analysis, logic, flexibility,
risk management, research skills, problem solving, initiative, mental conflict, resolution, summation and conclusion.

More importantly, the understanding of learning and their own strengths, results in young adults who can go on achieving for the rest of their lives.

Stover School
Newton Abbot
TQ12 6QG

Stover School: +44 (0)1626 354505

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