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stolen goat

stolen goat

Work Less - Adventure More...

At stolen goat we produce high performing cycling clothing to inspire and empower your next ride. With a full range of cycling jerseys, bib shorts & tights, cycling jackets & gilets, accessories and even leisure wear such as cycle t-shirts, we have a wide range of options for your next adventure…

Work Less // Adventure More

At stolen goat we believe that people are more productive when they work less hours than the traditional 9 to 5 which was actually defined by Henry Ford nearly 100 years ago!

Furthermore, we believe that if you use their downtime as a chance to exercise in the way you want (not just squeezing a 40-minute gym session into your lunch break), whether it’s taking a long bike ride, running around a nice spot at your own pace, enjoying a round of golf or climbing a local (or even not-so-local) hill or mountain… in seeking out these mini adventures you’ll become more fulfilled and have a greater sense of purpose. This will affect your whole life, not just working life.

Work less, adventure more… you’d be amazed out how productive your life becomes.

stolen goat believes in creating products and services that not only facilitate but, more importantly, inspire you to adventure more (and hopefully work less). Our aim is to compel you to pursue your passions more rigorously, specifically through sport and exercise. We believe this will fundamentally improve the quality of your life, both in the short and long term.

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