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Somerset Grill Co.

Somerset Grill Co.

...So Much More Than a Barbecue

Experience Argentinian inspired live fire cooking, with our unique and versatile British Made Grills. Bring friends and family together with the spectacle and flavour of wood-fired cooking, and discover a whole new world of outdoor cooking at home.

Bring The Magic of Outdoor Cooking to Life...

At Somerset Grill Co, we believe in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Elevate your culinary skills with our hand-crafted Argentinian Style Grills and accessories that bring the magic of outdoor cooking to life. From perfectly seasoned steaks to slow roasts, succulent rotisserie joints to simmering curries, our Argentinian Style Grills help you cook in so many more ways than a barbecue.

Designed and built with precision, to make wood-fired cooking a simple and delightful experience. Light your Argentinian Grill and embark on a journey to create the finest flavours and unforgettable moments with family and friends, limited only by your culinary imagination.

Designed to Look Good...

Every Grill we make is built to last, whatever the weather throws at it. But they are designed to look good too, in a range of finishes that work in and fit the great outdoors. Whether built in to kitchen projects, or on moveable stands, they are real garden statement pieces.

Designed to Perform...

Whether you’re preparing a warming winter dish or soaking up the Summer sunshine, your Grill is designed to perform through the seasons. From steaks to stews, roasts to ratatouille, it's multiple cooking zones, great design features and accessories enhance your cooking performance. So much more than a BBQ.

Designed to Make Life Easy...

We take the hassle out of wood-fired cooking, so you can enjoy the experience. Cooking on our Grills doesn't tie you to it all the time.

Easy to light. Easy to control temperature. Easy to keep hot. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to care for.

Somerset Grill Co: opening up a whole new World of outdoor cooking for you.


+44 7376 362 283

The Somerset Grill Co Ltd,

Unit 2A, Somercroft Farm,
Seavington St Michael, Somerset TA19 0QB

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