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Moor Park

Moor Park

An education in the fullest sense of the word...

Moor Park is more than just a school, it is a community of people working together to provide exceptional outcomes for children in the widest possible sense.  

A co-educational independent boarding and day school, situated in 85 acres on the Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire border, accepting children from 3 months to 13 years of age. Our children are prepared mentally, emotionally and physically to move on with confidence to their secondary schools. 

Moor Park is a school where children of all abilities thrive and where children are treated as unique individuals. Not every child can be good at everything but every child can be good at something and finding that something for every child is what we take seriously. The facilities and, more importantly, passionate and dedicated staff ensure that the school is well placed to get the best out of every child.

Moor Park has recently been awarded the highest grade in every category following its ISI school inspection.  The report highlighted that Moor Park pupils ‘display high levels of resilience, self-discipline, independence and self-confidence’ and that the ‘pupils are typically articulate and extremely confident when speaking to others’ as well as ‘Listening comes easily to the pupils: they want to learn, not just from their teachers but from each other; and in assemblies the stillness of their concentration as they listen to members of staff or other pupils is palpable’.  

Moor Park children routinely transfer to an extremely wide range of schools including some of the very finest in the country.  Pupils are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential in the classroom, at whatever level.  Encouraging Moor Park children to think independently and creatively in and out of the classroom whilst helping them to avoid a fear of failure is at the heart of the process. This also makes learning fun; something we have a lot of here!  The number of all-rounder, music, art and sporting scholarships which are routinely won by Moor Park pupils speaks volumes but as important to us are those small individual triumphs: a tackle made when it might have been missed the previous week or a first public performance are all celebrated.

Moor Park staff pride themselves on really knowing individual children and in providing a huge range of opportunities for them to discover the interests, skills and passions that are so crucial in building a rounded young person. As important are the opportunities to simply enjoy the space with friends: building dens in the woods and other such activities should be part of every childhood. Boarding enables many children to make the most of their time here and our flexible approach to boarding suits many families.

Happy children are more likely to learn and develop and we take pastoral care personally; perhaps an extension of knowing individual children well. Visitors often comment on the openness and enthusiasm of Moor Park pupils. This is a kind school, rooted in Catholic principles but welcoming children and families of all faiths and beliefs.

Moor Park,
Richards Castle,
Ludlow SY8 4DZ

+44 (0)1584 0876 061

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