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The Cheese Shed

The Cheese Shed

Great cheese from off the beaten track...

The Cheese Shed is myself Ian Wellens and James Mann. We started our online mail order business in 2006, with the aim of making Westcountry cheese available to people all over the country. There’s such a wealth of great cheese made down here, but not all of it is widely available. After all, some of the best makers are very small-scale operations - concerned with quality more than quantity - meaning that their products are pretty hard to find.

From the start, we’ve been clear that our focus is on selling artisan cheese from our region. In Tuscany or Alsace you’ll find shops that sell cheese from the surrounding area, i.e from Tuscany and Alsace. We wanted the Cheese Shed to be the same. After all, there are plenty of other places where you can buy Stilton or Emmenthal; we, on the other hand, will try and tempt you with Beenleigh Blue, Ogleshield or Haytor.

One thing we are not, and have never been, is a conventional shop open to the public. Bovey Tracey has an excellent delicatessen with a good cheese counter and we're not about to tread on their toes.

The shed, blue and with a nice view across to Dartmoor, is where the business began and where I worked from 2006 to 2012. 

Day to day, I’m the person you’ll talk to if you get in touch with The Cheese Shed. I also look after the website, write the newsletters and so on.  James and a couple of others do most of the packing and look after the stock.

For us it all starts with the fantastic cheeses of the Westcountry. That's what our whole business is about: finding great cheese that we really love and making it available to customers right across the UK.

We look after the interests of customers the very best that we can; we’d hope that The Cheese Shed’s customers would always feel happy about the service and the way they’ve been treated. Questions? Call us ...

Offering great products that we believe in and are excited about; dealing with customers, colleagues and suppliers fairly and decently and, where we can, trying to do our bit to make things better.

The Cheese Shed was founded in 2006, so we now have many years experience working with cheese and learning how to make things work for our customers. And if we can improve further, we will.

Phone or email us with any queries:  

01626 835599

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